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Fairway Bunker Shot Technique

Mary Hafeman PGA and LPGA Professional at the Mary Hafeman Golf Experience located within the Grand Club’s Cypress Club in Palm Coast, Florida shares her Fairway Bunker Shot Techniques….   I always find the most challenging bunker shot to hit is the fairway...

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Grip Pressure

As you read this golf tip, please keep in mind that it may not apply to your unique needs.  Always consult with your local PGA professional before attempting to apply any golf tip you have read from a newspaper, magazine, book, internet, etc. Grip the club as hard as...

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The Value of Practice Swings

What?? Practice swings you say? What difference does that make? Well here is what the average golfer does…. the average golfer will tee up his ball and then step back and take a full 100% simulation swing of what he thinks he wants to do. You’ll even hear...

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Doing Correct Exercises for an Effective Golf Swing

Over the years I have come across a lot of smart people in the field of rehabilitation, fitness and sports performance. Of the many things I have learned, I’m always making sure that each of my clients are doing exercises that are specific to their own unique problems...

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Golf Mobility Exercise to Increase Shoulder Turn

Here is a mobility exercise video that will help increase the shoulder turn in your golf swing.  You want to ensure that the majority of the rotation in the golf swing is coming from your upper back.  Often times golfers will over rotate through the low back which can...

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How to Handle Casual Water on the Putting Green

With spring in the air we can most certainly expect the April showers soon and more than likely periodically throughout the summer. So now is a good time for us to review a few simple tips on dealing with water accumulation on the putting greens. Many times the rules...

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Hitting a Good Shot When the Ball is Above Your Feet

When the lie of the ball is not level with your feet, your stance, alignment, swing, and direction of the shot is directly impacted. Let’s look at some tips to make this sidehill lie shot a good one. Using a club with a higher degree of loft than normal for that...

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Hitting Out of the Deep Rough

If you have ever hit the ball and it doesn’t stay in the fairway, you have experienced the wrath of many courses deep rough. You watched your ball roll into the deep but quickly it disappears, nestling down into the gnarly grass creating a very difficult next shot. To...

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Playing from the Bunker

When you encounter the dreaded bunker during your round, there are a number of ball position scenarios that affect the way you play your way out of the bunker. Let’s look at some rules and guidelines you can follow to help you with different bunker situations: It is...

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Water Hazards

Every golfer’s worst nightmare lies in a place where the grass ends and the water starts. Nobody likes the sound of a fresh Pro-V splashing in the pond, but it happens to the best of us. When Playing Your Shot You have three options: You can play your ball as it lies...

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