What are the Best Disc Golf Starter Kits?



Disc golf is popular passion and a game of refined skills,

Those who have played regularly will no doubt have a smart collection of discs chosen for their perfect suitability to personal style.

But what about those who are fairly new to the sport? How will they know if they have the right discs for their level?



Well, there are 2 important reasons beginners will like the starter set option:

  • The price – you can always expect a good deal when you choose to buy the starter pack. The price difference may not be more than ten bucks, but you will usually find exactly what you are looking for at a better price in a pre-assembled package. For example: You can find the Innova DX pack offers three discs for $23 -$25. If you were to buy these items individually, you would spend at least $30. This point holds true for all the discs mentioned in this reading.
  • Your inexperience – one of the places where the inexperience of your young disc golfer can really shine is when making their choice for start-up discs. This happened to me in my formative years when I opted for an Innova Beast and Prodigy F1, the first was a control driver that was way too fast for my inexperienced fingers and the other an over stable distance driver that I wasn’t even sure how to use effectively.

Long story short, the beginner pack can provide you with the best selection of discs for the skill level you are at.

These sets are put together with the inexperienced in mind and contain exactly what you need to start out and get a feel for the different discs types –– control driver/ mid-range/ putter.

You might not know what makes a good design for each of these types of discs but a prepared starter kit will afford you this information.



Short answer, absolutely!

Not only are they the cost effective route, but they have all the things you will require for your precise skill level.

Plus, they are made of cheaper plastic an wil last a long time while you smack them around against trees and every other obstacle in your path as you are training for distance and accuracy.

So, these set ae definitely worth the cost and convenience for a beginner.

Of course, as your progress increases your skill will learn more about the different discs (read: What Are the Different Types of Disc Golf Discs?).

As you begin to define your style and approach to the sport, you will be able to choose your discs with greater precision. Then you can begin buying your discs individually.

Get the most you can from your beginner and intermediate training sets and you will be on your way to prominence much faster than your imagine.



Not necessarily.

I recommend Disc Golf starter sets to new players because they provide a balanced introduction at a good price (read: Beginner’s Guide to Disc Golf).

However, the final goal is to help students identify between the discs and make accurate decisions for their own needs –– and starter kits reduce the learning curve considerably in this regard.

Most starter sets come with three discs, but you don’t have to purchase all three if you don’t want. For a great selection of top-recommended starter packs, keep reading below.

If you are interested in buying a single disc, read our post “Best Disc Golf Discs for Beginners”


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