Different Types of Disc Golf Discs You Need to Know About



Are you new to disc golf?

Is this the first time you will purchase golf discs? Before you decide on the golf disc of your dreams (read: Beginner’s Guide to Disc Golf), you need to know the types of discs available (read: Best Disc Golf Starter Kits).

Choosing the correct disc will make a lot of difference in your score.

So, here are the types of disc golf discs you should check before buying:


1. Distance Driver Golf Discs

Players who prefer discs that offer maximum possible distance choose distance drivers.

These discs offer the maximum straight line of flight. Many other discs travel towards the right or left, but distance drivers go straight like an arrow.

These discs cut through the wind to provide the maximum distance on every shot. While most discs tend to glide, this one provides additional distance, especially to the less powerful throwers.

The unique design of these drivers not only provides the maximum range but also offers full control to the player in every situation.

Some of the distance drivers can reach more than 300 meters in one shot.

There are many other advantages of using distance drivers for a newbie thrower:

  • You get the maximum distance possible off the tea. That is a confident way to start the game.
  • They offer maximum speed, control, glide, and range among the other discs.
  • They are available in a variety of weights, quality of plastic, and designs for different players. Select one that suits your skill level.
  • Some of the specific designs perform uniquely according to various situations and conditions.


2. Fairway Driver Golf Discs

Fairway drivers provide confidence to players when it comes to driving and approach conditions.

Some of the fairway drivers deliver equal distance like distance drivers, but they come with more accuracy and control.

That is why most professionals prefer using fairway drivers when they have to deal with speed and accuracy.

Infact, many trainers ask new players to use these discs as they are fairly easy to control.

Many players won the World Championship using fairway drivers.

The supreme control of these drivers gives confidence to new players so that they can improve their accuracy during the game.

  • These discs come with dependable distance control that offer consistent fairway driving.
  • These are idea for players who want long approaches but shorter controlled drives.
  • They are best for beginners because of the speed and accuracy control.
  • The consistency and control helps to increase confidence among new players.
  • They are available in various plastic types, weights, and designs.


3. Midrange Golf Discs

Midrange discs are usually for advanced throwers.

You need precision and control while using this type of disc. They provide superior control and accuracy for a wide range of shots.

One of the reasons why veteran throwers prefer midrange discs is they are highly effective in various situations, such as approach shots, putting, midrange shots, and even drives. You may find a lot of midrange discs that are suitable for different situations and throwing techniques.

  • This disc is ideal for short drives, approach, and midrange shots. They offer better control and accuracy for short throws.
  • Offers more dependability when it comes to chains and fairway drives.
  • These are the most versatile drives that help perform a range of shots.


4. Putt and Approach

As the name suggests, putt and approach discs specifically help during putting shots.

Players who specifically want to hit short controlled upshots use the putt and approach discs.

They are available in various designs that help players achieve the best grip for their throws.

Different players have different approach and putt shots, and they require various putting styles depending on the situation. The putt and approach discs offer exceptional control. That is why professional players who want to perform midrange shots and short drives use these discs.

  • The design of these discs offer superior accuracy, confidence, and dependability for inspiring putts.
  • They are ideal for short drives and executing controlled upshots.
  • You can choose from a range of putt and approach discs that match various putting styles.


5. Speciality Golf Discs

Some unique disc golf conditions require specialty discs that provide both accuracy and control.

The advantage of purchasing specialty discs is you can use them for other flying disc sports also. Like some of the other disc golf discs, this type is also available in a variety of designs that provide supreme control and accuracy.

However, they are not usually used in the World Championships.

As a newbie, it is best to determine the weight, throwing style, and control level of the disc before purchasing.

If you don’t have any experience at all, you should ask for recommendations from your trainer.

Ideally, you should start with fairway drivers or midrange discs as they provide higher accuracy and control than the other disc.


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