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Water Hazards.

Every golferís worst nightmare lies in a place where the grass ends and the water starts. Nobody likes the sound of a fresh Pro-V splashing in the pond, but it happens to the best of us. Let's look at some to counteract your next water hazard shot...

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Playing from the Bunker.

When you encounter the dreaded bunker during your round, there are a number of ball position scenarios that affect the way you play your way out of the bunker. Letís look at some rules and guidelines you can follow to help you with different bunker situations...

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Hitting Out of the Deep Rough.

As we've all witnessed in many of the great golf tournaments, how the deep rough of a course can play havoc on even the best golfers in the world golf shots. Here are a few tips to help make your next rough encounter a bit easier.

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Hitting a Good Shot When the Ball is Above Your Feet.

When the lie of the ball is not level with your feet, your stance, alignment, swing, and direction of the shot is directly impacted. Let's look at some tips to make this type of shot a good one.

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How to Handle Casual Water on the Putting Green.

With spring in the air we can most certainly expect the April showers soon and more than likely periodically throughout the summer. So now is a good time for us to review a few simple tips on dealing with water accumulation on the putting greens.

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Golf Mobility Exercise to Increase Shoulder Turn.

Mark Tolle, owner of Golf Fitness Chicago, shares his mobility exercise to help increase the shoulder turn in your golf swing...

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Doing Correct Exercises for an Effective Golf Swing.

Mark Tolle, owner of Golf Fitness Chicago, shares his insights on correct exercises for an effective golf swing...

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The Value of Practice Swings.

Scott Seifferlein, PGA Professional at Grand Rapids Lessons, shares his insights on the value of the practice swings...

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Grip Pressure.

Scott Seifferlein, PGA Professional at Grand Rapids Lessons, shares his golf tip on golf grip pressure...

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The Golf Grip.

Scott Seifferlein, PGA Professional at Grand Rapids Lessons shares his golf tip on how to grip the club...

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Fairway Bunker Shot Technique.

Mary Hafeman PGA and LPGA Professional at the Mary Hafeman Golf Experience located within the Grand Clubís Cypress Club in Palm Coast, Florida shares her Fairway Bunker Shot Techniques.

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Setting Your Golf Alignment.

Alignment is key to a well executed golf shot. Here's a tip to help you better align your next shot.

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Stop Trying to Swing the Club to Parallel.

Every week we see the greatest golfers in the world all swinging the club shaft in the general vicinity of parallel to the ground at the top of the backswing. Some go slightly past parallel and some slightly short of parallel. In general it is fair to say that most professional golfers swing the club shaft back to a point that is very close to parallel.

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Hitting Out of a Divot.

Inevitably, there are unrepaired divots on the course and you may have the misfortune of landing your ball directly in the midst of oneÖ.. on the dirt. Hitting directly from dirt requires a few adjustments to get effective results.

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Pace of Play.

Many a player becomes frustrated when they are not able to play the game of golf without delay. Maintaining an efficient pace of play certainly helps to make your round more enjoyable. To play 18 holes on most golf courses, the average allocated time to play is generally 4 hours and 15 minutes.

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Lost Balls.

So you hit your ball and youíre not sure where it went? Now what do you do?

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Improving Your Lie – Part Two.

How does the rule "play the ball as it lies" affect your ability to check a ball to ensure itís yours? Letís look at a few scenarios.

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Improving Your Lie – Part One.

One of golfís basic rules is to play the ball as it lies. Letís look at what that means.

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The Rules of Golf - Order of Play.

The Rules of Golf provide specific guidelines as to the order of play or in simple terms who gets to hit a shot first or who has honors. Let's look at these guidelines...

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Golf Etiquette Tips.

Golf requires respect of the rules as well as that of your fellow players. Let's look at some common golf etiquette courtesies...

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Get Out of the Sand Trap.

Ever have difficulty getting out of a sand trap or greenside bunker? Here are a few simple tips to help you feel more comfortable about your next sand encounter.

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The Flagstick Etiquette.

Ever wonder what the proper protocol is for attending the flagstick for another player. Letís look at a few simple reminder tips.

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Long Approach Shots from the Rough.

Many of us donít always land our ball in the fairway despite the attempt and end up with a lie in the rough. If you are in the rough and going for the green (a long approach shot), letís look at a technique that might improve your shot. Try using a high-lofted wood such as your 7 wood or a hybrid club instead of an iron to play a punch and run shot.

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The Chip and Pitch Shot.

Want to save strokes around the green? Improve your chipping and pitch shots and you will definitely reduce your number of strokes each round. Letís look a few shots. A short pitch is one where you donít want the ball to run too much and you need to carry some type of obstacle such as a bunker.

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The Chip Shot and the Lie of the Ball.

Being able to judge how the golf ball will behave when playing a chip shot is just as important as the shot itself. Spin, trajectory, and roll factor into effectively getting the ball to land close to the hole or preferably in the hole. The lie of the ball has a significant impact on its flight through the air.

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