Hitting a Good Shot When the Ball is Above Your Feet

When the lie of the ball is not level with your feet, your stance, alignment, swing, and direction of the shot is directly impacted. Let’s look at some tips to make this sidehill lie shot a good one.

  • Using a club with a higher degree of loft than normal for that distance of shot is the first part to hitting the best shot. A side hill lie with the ball above your feet will produce a right to left draw (opposite if you’re lefty) shot that will roll farther than a typical shot. For instance, if you would normally choose a 7-iron for that distance, try to use an 8-iron instead.
  • When taking aim, try to aim right of the target if you’re right-handed, and left of the target if you’re left-handed, since this shot will have a slight draw to it.
  • When approaching the ball, set it back in you stance more toward your back foot.
  • In your stance, stand tall and keep your weight on the balls of your feet so that you have maximum balance through the swing.
  • When gripping the club, try to choke up a bit. How much you choke up will depend on how severe the slope of the lie is. The steeper the lie, the father you need to choke up.
  • Take a few practice swings to ensure that you have a good grip and good posture for the swing.
  • Last, make a flatter swing with your arms lower then usual in your backswing. This type of swing is used to produce a draw and has a higher risk of hitting a fat shot. This is why you moved the ball back in your stance and aimed right of your target (again, opposite if you’re a lefty).
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