Hitting Out of the Deep Rough

If you have ever hit the ball and it doesn’t stay in the fairway, you have experienced the wrath of many courses deep rough. You watched your ball roll into the deep but quickly it disappears, nestling down into the gnarly grass creating a very difficult next shot.

To combat thick rough, set up just left of your target and open up the club face just a bit. This will let the club cut through the grass a little bit better and not allow the grass to pull the clubface left. Choke down on the club a bit and tighten your grip to solidify your club as your swing rips through the deep grass.

During your swing, use an outside-to-inside swing path to create a steeper angle to attack the ball. This angle will help you to hit more of the ball first and not all grass behind it. This path will correspond to your stance. In effect, you will be swinging along the line you created with your feet.

When hitting from the rough where the grass is growing in the direction of the hole, use a more lofted club. Keep in mind that when the grass is growing away from the hole or target, the grass will create more resistance. In this case, it may be best to use a wedge to lay up your shot. No sense in trying to work against the nature of the grass!

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