How to Handle Casual Water on the Putting Green

With spring in the air we can most certainly expect the April showers soon and more than likely periodically throughout the summer. So now is a good time for us to review a few simple tips on dealing with water accumulation on the putting greens.

Many times the rules around casual water on the greens are misunderstood. What is casual water? It’s any temporary accumulation of water on the course not in a water hazard, such as puddles (from those April showers) on the surface. A critical tip to remember: You are not allowed to brush aside casual water or mop it up from your line of play.

If your ball is on the green and casual water is in the line of your putt, move the ball to an area of the green where the water no longer obstructs your putting line. However, as always, no closer to the hole! For you early morning golfers, keep in mind that you cannot brush away the dew or the frost. If you do…’s a two stoke penalty.

Enjoy the onset of the warmer weather and resist the urge to “brush away” the water and dew! or to “mop up” any of those puddles!

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