The Golf Wish

Looking for the ideal golf gift?

The Golf Wish Gift Card is the perfect answer. Our Gift Cards are accepted at partner golf courses and golf businesses for green fees, products and services.

About The Golf Wish


The Golf Wish was established in 2008 to help foster the growth of the golfing industry.

We are dedicated to providing you with superior service while providing golf enthusiasts throughout the US the enjoyment of Golf and Disc Golf.


Our Mission

To provide our customers with a simple comprehensive online service to find premier golf experiences throughout the United States.


Our Values

  • We value our people and their commitment to the company and its partners, affiliates, and customers.
  • We value our customers and our commitment to being the preferred provider to meet their needs and expectations.
  • We value our partners and our commitment to providing superior online promotional services to aid in the enhancement of their business growth.
  • We hold to the highest standards our commitment to excellence, customer service, innovation, and continuous improvement.

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