Setting Your Golf Alignment

As you read this golf tip, please keep in mind that it may not apply to your unique needs.  Always consult with your local PGA professional before attempting to apply any golf tip you have read from a newspaper, magazine, book, internet, etc.

Most right-handed golfers aim too far to the right (left handed golfers too far left). This causes the club-head to move outside the correct plane and then across the ball in the downswing to compensate for the poor alignment.  The result is a loss of club-head speed.

To check your alignment, place a shaft along your toes or the back of your heels.  Stand ten feet behind the ball and look to see where the shaft is lined up.  It should be aligned to the left (right for left-handed players) of and parallel to your target.  The shoulders should also follow this line when set-up to the ball.

Written by Scott Seifferlein, PGA Guru at Grand Rapids Golf Lesson

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